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Ann Arbor Senior Citizen Fitness Opportunities

Staying active is good at any age
Staying active is good at any age
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Staying active and healthy can make the retirement years even more golden. For Ann Arbor seniors there are a variety of opportunities to help them maintain an energetic lifestyle.

The first place seniors can look for a chance to get active is the Ann Arbor Senior Center, which is located at 1320 Baldwin Ave, Ann Arbor MI 48104 and can be reached by telephone at (734)794-6250. The senior center offers exercise classes like yoga, Tai Chi and strength and conditioning. In addition, the center also offers line dancing classes and hosts Friday night dances.

The next place a senior could go to is the YMCA. Not only does the Y offer exercise classes for older adults, but this location also offers swimming and water exercise classes that are perfect for those seniors wanting less impact strain on their bodies.

The Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center also has a pool for seniors to use. In addition, seniors have access to a great strength and conditioning room. On any given evening or morning one will find the two-lane track that circles the facility occupied by seniors wanting to get a good sweat.

Both the Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation and Washtenaw County Parks and Rec. offer opportunities ranging from walks in the various beautiful parks to fitness classes.

The University of Michigan's Division of Kinesiology has UMove Fitness and offers a Lifetime Fitness class at the Briarwood Mall that is free to those interested. The telephone number to reach them at is (734) 764-1342.

Other opportunities include the Turner Senior Resource Center, Pittsfield Township Senior Center, NIAFIT: Seniors in Action and the Northeast Seniors at Dixboro United Methodist Church. All of these locations have fitness classes and other active lifestyle offerings.

If you are looking to get involved or know someone who wants to click on the following link for contact information . Fun and exercise is not just for the younger generations, it is for those who are young at  heart and wanting to have a healthy lifestyle.


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