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Ann Arbor's Domino's Pizza reaches $1 billion in online orders

Actor Jon Hamm enjoys pizza at the 2010 Winter Olympics
Actor Jon Hamm enjoys pizza at the 2010 Winter Olympics
APPhoto/Matt Slocum

In 1960, Tom Monaghan and his brother James borrowed $500 to purchase "DomiNick's Pizza" at 507 W. Cross Street in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Fifty years and 8,886 stores later, Domino's reached the $1 billion mark in mid-February in online, pizza orders.

On Super Bowl Sunday, online orders for pizza were coming in at the rate of 1,000 per minute, for a total that day of 160,000 pizzas. While some ordered online via Domino's, others took advantage of their mobile ordering. Domino's now has a Pizza Tracker, where you can watch the status of your pizza order. You can even go online and order a pizza days in advance.

Domino's employees typically drive over nine million miles per week in the United States, to deliver pizzas. At $35 billion per year, the pizza industry appears to be recession proof. With over 69,000 pizzerias in the U.S. alone, the typical man, woman and child consume approximately 46 slices per year, or the equivalent of 23 pounds of pizza.

To keep up with this wild and crazy pizza demand, Domino's has recognized their fastest, pizza-making man, Dennis Tran. Dennis can make three, large pizzas in 46.4 seconds.

Domino's Pizza is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the beautifully designed, Domino's Farms. Located at the intersection of US23 and M14, it is home to 50 corporations and the famous herd of American bison. Domino's Farms also has the world's largest, linear structure with the world's largest, copper roof.

Some interesting facts you may not know about Domino's Pizza come directly from their website. These include:

*in 1961 James Monaghan traded his half of the business for a Volkswagen Beetle

*in 1965, DomiNick's was renamed Domino's Pizza, Inc.

*in 1983, the first international Domino's opened in Winnipeg, Canada

*in 1998, Tom Monaghan retired and sold the business

*in 2001, Domino's delivered over 12,000 pizzas to the rescue workers at Ground Zero, in addition to donating $350,000.

And if you've ever wondered about the meaning of the three dots on a Domino's Pizza box, those represent the first three, Domino's stores. Now it would take a pizza box of Guinness-book proportions to hold 8,886 dots.


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