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Ann Arbor nonprofits raise money online via Goodsearch

Bundles of US dollars
Bundles of US dollars
APPhoto/Ahn Young-joon

In 2010, giving to charities via the Internet is projected to grow to 33% of a nonprofit's annual donations. Proof of this is the recent use of text messages to donate millions of dollars to Haiti disaster relief. As of February 3, over $644 million has been raised for Haiti, with a significant portion of those funds being donated using web-based technologies.

How does this affect Ann Arbor nonprofits? To answer that, a quick visit to Google resulted in finding Goodsearch. Launched in 2005 by a brother and sister team, Goodsearch allows nonprofits to raise money, just by searching the Internet. Goodsearch donates 50% of their revenue from advertisers directly to nonprofits. Each time either you, or a supporter of your charity, conducts an online search, money is donated to your cause. It's that easy. Goodsearch is powered by Yahoo, so your search should yield excellent results.

Currently, there are 18 Ann Arbor nonprofits registered with Goodsearch. These range from the Ann Arbor Art Center, which "engages the community in the education, exhibition and exploration of the visual arts" to Avalon Housing, that "provides housing to very low income individuals and families". Both of these nonprofits have benefited from their supporters choosing them as their charity of choice when conducting online searches via Goodsearch.

The amount of money a nonprofit can earn using Goodsearch varies. Typically, Goodsearch pays approximately $.01 per search. If 100 of Avalon Housing's supporters conducted two searches per day, Avalon would get $730 per year from Goodsearch. Increase that to 1,000 supporters at two searches per day and Avalon now get $7,300.

Perhaps the best part of this process is it costs your supporters nothing. Goodsearch even provides a form letter to get the word out to a charity's mailing list. Or, you can email it. A nonprofit simply needs to register with Goodsearch and then let the searching begin.