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Ann Arbor kids get closer to life on the river

Family Fun on the River
Family Fun on the River
Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation

Exploring the river at the Gallup Canoe Livery gives children a chance to see a side of life they can't find in their backyard.

River Kids is an Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation Commission sponsored program which enables local children to get a look into the aquatic world that lies beneath the surface and around the banks of the Gallup Park pond. The program takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-11:30 a.m. at the livery. It is located at 3000 Fuller Road. Kids that range in age from 2-4 must have a caregiver present.

The program involves a variety of activities. The first thing a child can do is get out on the pond by kayak, canoe or paddle boat so she or he can get a first-hand look at the water. There is a very good chance that a river critter will pop its head up giving the children a surprising, yet exhilarating sight.

The fun doesn't end there. On shore children will be given the opportunity to catch a fish right off the dock. This is an experience every child should have and it is one that will truly be memorable.

Through stories, art and play participants will also discover how the river critters live and grow. The program is a well-rounded experience that gives children fun, interactive activities to enjoy and the opportunity to learn about life on the river. 

Gallup Park is now open to the public. For registration information go to or call (734) 794-6240. There is a per child and month fee of $64 and $52 for residents.


  • Willi Gutmann 5 years ago

    Kayaking and canoeing this time of year needs extreme caution.
    Water temps are still brutally cold at 50 degrees F in the lakes and rivers. Wear a PFD lifevest at all times and have spare clothes in a real "dry bag". Better yet, take a canoe or kayak class, learn about the risks - first - before something happens.
    Just because the air temp is 70,75,80 doesn't mean the water is warm.

  • Anne 5 years ago

    This article makes me excited for spring and summer. Thank you!

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