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Ann Arbor Fresh Start Clubhouse finds right ingredients for making homemade vegetarian soup broth

The finished product
The finished product
Fresh Start Clubhouse members Troy Johnson, Tim Foster, and staffer Curt Behlow on far right.
Fresh Start Clubhouse members Troy Johnson, Tim Foster, and staffer Curt Behlow on far right.
Photo by Donald Michael Schwartz, January 6, 2010
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January being National Soup Month makes learning how to make your own vegetarian soup broth a great New Year's resolution.  That is exactly what they did this month at the Ann Arbor Fresh Start Clubhouse

Fresh Start's mission is to provide an "intentional community for adults living [in Washtenaw County] with mental illness that focuses on wellness and abilities.

"The Clubhouse promotes recovery through opportunities for members to work, learn and contribute their talents to our community of mutual support."

In that spirit, this reporter (and member of Fresh Start Clubhouse) worked with the kitchen unit  at the Clubhouse Wednesday January 6th to make homemade soup broth from the previous week's vegetable scraps preserved in the storage freezer.

Some of the broth was used for that day's rice pilaf and the rest saved in a freezer for a future lunch day menu. 

"It's a great thing being able to use the [soup] stock, because alot of times we have a surplus of fruits and vegetables," said Curt Behlow, the kitchen unit facilitator at the Fresh Start Clubhouse.  "Instead of wasting those items we are able to make that [the soup stock]," he added.

The making of the soup stock is detailed in the slideshow below.

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Learn more about joining or supporting the Fresh Start Clubhouse.

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