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Aniston Walker case: Missing baby's mom may be charged with homicide

Andrea Walker, the mother of missing baby Aniston Walker, may reportedly be charged with homicide.
Memphis Police Dept.

Andrea Walker, the Memphis, Tenn. woman who has been charged with abuse and neglect in connection with the disappearance of her 7-week-old baby, Aniston Walker, expects to be charged with homicide, according to a Jan. 14, 2014 Huffington Post report.

The Post notes WMCTV reported that Walker’s lawyer, Leslie Ballin, said “Even though I’m telling you the charges may at some point be upgraded, do not rush to judgment in this case… This is not Salem, Massachusetts.”

Ballin also believes Walker should not have been charged with abuse and neglect, according to WATE, and the Post reports a motion has been filed requesting the charges be dismissed.

Ballin also argues that the arrest affidavit indicates Walker may have inflicted “serious bodily injury” to Aniston, which the attorney says the police and the prosecution have no evidence of.

Walker, 33, told police she left Aniston with her 3-year-old son at around 11:40 a.m. while taking her 5-year-old child to school.

Aniston was reported missing by her father – who reportedly does not live in the home – on Jan. 9, sometime after Walker returned to the residence.

The quest to find Aniston was called off Jan. 11 because police have made an exhaustive search of where the child could be and “have no other obvious places to look” for her, according to WREG.

During Monday’s court hearing Ballin requested Walker’s bond be dropped from $500,000 to $25,000, WATE reports.

Walker is due back in court on Jan. 21 regarding the motion.

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