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Animorphs book series returns

This issue is not yet included in the reprint series.
This issue is not yet included in the reprint series.
Courtesy Scholastic.

The first five books in the Animorphs book series are returning to shelves, May through December 2011. During its original run, K. A. Applegate's 54 book series launched in 1996, spawning two spin-offs and 10 extra books, all centered around a group of kids that can turn into any animal they touch. The book series was turned into a television show for Global TV in Canada and Nickelodeon in the US. In the mean time, visit Scholastic's relaunch site.

iCarly's "Sam" tours as country star: Jennette McCurdy's apparently been doing concerts here and there as a country singer, after releasing an album earlier this year, Not that far away. At the same time, she's been posting behind the scenes videos, as she goes from locale to locale.

Hub gets advisory board: Discovery Kids in the US turned into The Hub this year, when toy maker Hasbro joined on. No wonder, a toy company taking over and revamping a once-educational channel stirred up controversy, and so the channel has set up an advisory board of experts in children's development, education, and family media. The board's chair has run MTV Networks/Nickelodeon and Fox's Responsibility and Standards bodies, and was once director of the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU).

Rollbots come to Asia: Ottawa-produced series Rollbots is coming to Thai, Singaporean, and Indonesian air waves soon, as well as DVD. Hopefully this series, which runs on YTV in Canada, will have enough international momentum to get a second season.