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Anime Vegas 2009 at Cashman Field



This Labor Day weekend Anime Vegas 2009 will be at Cashman Field. A three day celebration of all things anime with cosplay, gaming, celebrity appearances and more, Anime Vegas is in its sixth year. Anime fans gather to screen Japanese animated movies and television shows, as well as masquerade, meet favorite voice actors and interact with like minded fans.

Saturday is band day with Japanese music and various Jrock performers, including Momoi, Akai SKY, Alsdead, Makenai, Rusika and Satsuki, expected to attend.

Brian Anderson's Tokyo Comedy Store will have its live premiere Sunday night. A documentary about the Western comedian’s experiences performing in Japan’s English language Tokyo Comedy Store show, the film informs and educates Western audiences about Japanese humor sensibilities.

Tickets details are here. So head out to Cashman Field this holiday weekend and check out Anime Vegas 2009.