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Anime Review - Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss is a 13 episode Romantic Comedy Anime based on the Manga of the same name, put out by TMS Entertainment. It follows the exploits of Nanami, a hapless, hopeless, homeless high school girl, who saves a stranger from a dog, gets to live in a shrine because of it, and receives godhood for being a swell gal. Along the way, she falls in love with Tomoe, a fox Yokai (a type of demon), and gathers the attention, affection, and rivalry of a whole host of celestial beings large and small.

Cover Art
TMS Entertainment


  • Good writing. Kamisama Kiss is nothing if not cleverly written. The amount of one-liners, sarcastic ripostes, and double entendres is rather impressive, given the brevity of the series.
  • Foxfire. Despite being a sort of 'reverse-harem' type of romantic comedy, Tomoe still manages to get in a lot of fights. Many of these are quite cathartic as he blazes blue fire into a particularly annoying enemy.
  • Doesn't get old. Being only 13 episodes long, Kamisama Kiss is short, sweet, and doesn't wear out its welcome. If you skip the opening song (which is, shall we say...suggestive?) and end credits, these thirteen episodes amount to just over a mere 240 minutes. That's the length of the extended cut of 'The Two Towers.' A viewer can get through this series without going to the bathroom!


  • Repetitive. How many times do I need to have it explained to me that Kurama is a Tengu (crow yokai)? Or that he's a rockstar? Or that girls fawn over him. Seriously, it's only 13 episodes, I remember the guy!
  • Macguffins. I am starting to realize that this simply can't annoy me, as we are talking about anime. Still, Kamisama Kiss has a few instances where the solutions to the problems are things that don't add up, and aren't explained. Why does Nanami time travel to find the eye, fail to get the eye, then find out it was in her already? Do they explain that somewhere and I just missed it? I can make assumptions, but they are just that.

In the end, Kamisama Kiss is a fun little series that's well thought out, humorous, and has a cute art style. Most of the voice acting is top notch, and most of the annoying characters are only single appearances.

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