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Anime Dunk Tank

For those of you who love anime or Angry Birds I have found the game for you. Anime Dunk Tank combines the best of both worlds. First of all the game is free to play which is pretty hard to beat. Second, the game does feature some pretty cool anime characters that you get to knock into the water. To play you simply pull back on the slingshot and fire away. Strategy is important as you will need to determine at what angle to fire and how far to pull back on the slingshot. If you do not pull back far enough the shot will not reach the target and if you pull back to far it could fire well over the mark. You will also have to be aware of the obstacles and aim accordingly. With a perfectly placed shot it is possible to knock out two or more targets with a single shot. For those who love anime or Angry Birds I would definitely recommend this game. Play this game for free at