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Animals have rights: The truth about puppy mill breeding

Partners in crime (the best kind): Stacy K. Aberle & Sandra Dezelan
Partners in crime (the best kind): Stacy K. Aberle & Sandra Dezelan
Stacy K. Aberle

Just wanted to share exactly what a "puppy mill" is for those so called friends who say that there is no clear definition of a "puppy mill." READY? CALL your local pet shop. Ask where they get their puppies. They will tell you "from reputable breeders." This is a LIE TO DECEIVE the customer.

How is puppy milling different than reputable breeding?

Puppy mills exist for only one purpose - to make money. In a puppy mill, there may be as many as 30 different breeds and up to 800 or more breeding dogs. Every female is pregnant with every heat, including their first heat at 6 - 10 months old when they themselves are still a puppy. The puppies receive little to no medical attention, are not socialized with people, are almost always taken from their mothers too young, and often start their lives out in the world sick and scared. There is absolutely no regard to the health and well-being of the breeding dogs and when they can no longer produce puppies, the majority of them are killed. A USDA COMMERCIAL BREEDER HAS A REQUIREMENT...A DOG has TO HAVE 6 inches around them their entire life. That's ALL!! This is NOT a reputable breeder.

Most often, a reputable breeder has great interest in one or perhaps two breeds. The purpose of their breeding program is to continually strive to bring their bloodlines closest to the breed standard. A reputable breeder spends a great deal of time, effort and money showing their dogs, socializing their dogs, having their breeding dogs tested for genetic defects, and being very careful to place their puppies in permanent, loving homes. A reputable breeder will at any time for any reason, take any of the puppies they've bred back into their care for the lifetime of the dog, taking full responsibility for the dogs that they have produced.

A reputable breeder wants to know about you and develop a relationship with you. They enjoy updates and photographs of their puppies as they grow and are always available to help with any questions or concerns about their puppies. One of the most important things to know is that a reputable breeder has nothing to hide. They want you to meet the parents of the puppies and see the environment the puppies are raised in.

We believe there are many reputable breeders out there, doing a fine job of raising healthy and sound puppies. Buyers must do their homework - contact the National Breed Clubs and find out who the reputable breeders are. Visit the breeder, meet the parents of the puppies, inspect the environment the puppies were raised in, ask lots of questions and if it feels like they're hiding something, they probably are and you'd be best served to move on.

I have chosen cause this because the consumer is DUPED and MISLED about their precious puppy in the window and usually ends up, after an impulse buy...dumping them or being bombarded with medical bills from these sickly puppies. This antiquated practice is soon to be stopped. with all "businesses" where money is involved, it is a fight because people are making a living off the uneducated and naive. People are awakening and I thank God for that.

Article contributed by: Dr. Stacy K. Aberle

Thank you to Dr. Aberle for her insight into puppy mills through a truly honest lens.

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