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Animal welfare activists to address San Bernardino City Council

San Bernardino City Hall
San Bernardino City Hall
Courtesy of the City of San Bernardino

Animal welfare activists will address the mayor and members of the San Bernardino City Council on Jan. 21, 2014, regarding the atrocities and violations of law at the city-run shelter in San Bernardino. They will ask the matter to be agendized for future discussion.

San Bernardino City Animal Services is under fire by animal welfare activists for what they say are violations of the Hayden Act and retaliatory actions against those who speak out. The city’s shelter is under the control of the police department.

Maria Sanchez, one of the central and most outspoken activists, received a visit from a detective from the San Bernardino Police Department at her home in neighboring Riverside County. He left a card and then returned a second time to confront her personally.

Andrea Neyses was threatened with arrest, searched, and cited for allegedly giving treats to the animals at the shelter by San Bernardino Police Officers, an accusation she denies. The citation has never been processed and she continues to be denied her day in court to fight the charges and be heard. She is told to “check back.”

The public section of the city council meeting begins at 4 p.m. with public comment usually starting between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., depending on the agenda. Speakers do not have to be there at the beginning but do need to arrange to have speaker slips turned in before the public comment section begins.

Activists welcome both speakers and those who simply want to support the effort with their presence. City Hall is located at 300 North D Street, San Bernardino. Free parking is available in the adjoining parking garage in designated areas. For more information, check out the Event Page in Facebook.

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