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Animal shelter employees in trouble over pictures of animals

One of the pictures that was posted on Facebook.
One of the pictures that was posted on Facebook.

Three animal shelter employees are in trouble over some pictures they took of two cats and a ferret. The incident took place at the Animal Care and Control facility located in Charlotte, NC. All three animals appear to be unconscious in the photos that were taken. One picture shows a cat lying down with a cigarette hanging out of its mouth and a knife in between its paws. A second picture shows a cat with a pen in its mouth. There is a caption on this picture stating “Angry kitty wants to write you a note.” A third picture shows a ferret that is missing its fur and there is a caption on this photo stating “Someone thought it would be funny to Nair.” The pictures apparently were taken in August and posted on Facebook. It was just recently that the pictures have come to the attention of the general public and sparked controversy. According to a spokesperson with the Charlotte-Meckenburg police department both cats were euthanized because they were unhandleable. The ferret was adopted.

City leaders are now trying to determine what course of action to take with these employees. It does not appear that any kind of animal cruelty took place in the photos. Both cats appear to be tranquilized, possibly even deceased at the time of the photos. The employees that took these photos had a poor sense of humor and lack in judgment, especially in posting the photos on Facebook. Tell me below what you think should be done with the employees.


  • Laurie 4 years ago

    Not funny. I thought shelters are there to care for animals and keep them safe.

  • Tonia 4 years ago

    Definitely not funny... Some Humane Shelter!

  • Abby 4 years ago

    This is animal cruelty and should be punished as such. Just because they are employees of a "shelter" does not make them immune to charges. What if that had been your cat or ferret you couldn't keep anymore then to find out someone did this to them!

  • ellen 4 years ago

    I guess it depends on what the definition of animal cruelty really is. I'd say this is definitely cruel and no animal should be handled this way. My definition is if it shouldn't happen to people, it shouldn't be done to animals. If these 'shelter' employees worked in a nursing home they'd be fired and charged!!
    Maybe they should go work at Gitanamo Bay..I hear they are looking for people to hire.

  • Profile picture of Lindsay Miller
    Lindsay Miller 4 years ago

    Definitely not acceptable. Those are not the kind of people you want working with animals.

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