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Animal Rights Org Slams High School, Animal Cruelty

Gold Fish
Gold Fish

PERRYSBURG, Ohio - Perrysburg High School has a long held tradition of allowing students to swallow live goldfish during the halftime periods of basketball games.

However, animal rights activists and public health officials say this poses a significant danger to the animals and creates a human health risk. Global Conservation Group representatives told that "Just as humans, fish also have the same ability to feel pain, emotions and the desire to live and should be treated as such."

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, students could contract salmonella from swallowing the live fish. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say this activity may cause the students to get worms.

Thomaline Turner, the Global Conservation Group's Public Health and Safety Analyst says "Risks of eating live fish include but are not limited to choking, which may result in a fatal airway obstruction and a Dphyllobothruim infection."

The organization filed health code violation complaints with the Wood County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health.

Please urge Perrysburg High School administrators to put a permanent end to goldfish swallowing events—then forward this alert far and wide!
Polite comments can be sent to:

Michael Short, Principal
Perrysburg High School

Thomas Hosler, Superintendent
Perrysburg Schools
419-874-9131, ext. 2103

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