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Animal rescuers hope to win the race of life for playful dog at NY shelter

Friday is the exit date at New York Animal Care and Control for Tommy, the brown and white pit bull terrier mix, who only has a limited amount of time to be placed in an adoptive home.

Tommy is a crowd pleaser; now he just needs to find that special person to please.
Urgent Death Row Dogs Part 2 New York City Animal Care and Control

By the scratches on Tommy's belly, shelter volunteers think this well groomed and cared for dog may have jumped the fence of his yard and lost his way. He has good leash manners and acts house trained.

A volunteer writes:

"He's a stunning dog in a rich tan coat highlighted with various colors of gold threads. His weight is perfect for his size, he makes soft, sweet eye contact, his tail is in constant wag mode, his teeth are perfectly white...this is a dog who was clearly someone's cherished companion before joining us as a stray."

As can be seen by Tommy's photo, this dog tries his best to please. The volunteer continues:

"Off leash in the back yard, he loves chasing a tennis ball, and brings it back for another toss. I can take it right out of his mouth, and if I'm not fast enough with the next throw, he stands up on his hind legs wondering what's taking me so long! After some play time we cuddled together on the bench, Tommy draped over my lap for some hugs and kisses. Tommy would appreciate an active home where long walks, play time and lots of love are on the daily agenda. He's hoping you'll ask to meet him today."

A Facebook thread with more information including the evaluation from the shelter can be followed by clicking here.

Please make sure you watch his video by clicking here.

Tommy is a young, healthy dog. Please share his story with your friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

To adopt Tommy, please refer to A0995571
For more information on adopting from the NYC AC&C, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:

For more info on behavior codes and ratings, please read here:

Contact the NYC ACC at (212) 788-4000 for further automated instructions.

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