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Animal rescuer files $2.5 million lawsuit against animal control agency

On August 7, nearly two years after an owner-surrendered dog named "Stitch," was killed at the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orange, Calif., Sharon Logan, a long-time animal rescuer and founder of Paw Protectors Rescue, has filed a 13-page, $2.5 million lawsuit against the facility, and Ryan Drabek, Tammy Osborn and Katie Ingram individually.

For two years, a legal team has been researching and compiling data to substantiate Logan's claims of violations, state and federal statutes and laws that the Orange County Animal Shelter has continually and habitually violated.

The killing of Stitch, who was put down the same day that his owner brought him to the facility and claimed that he had shown aggressive behavior, spurred Logan into action. Logan videotaped the heartbreaking scene...on that day back in July 2012, the terrified dog was loaded into the "wheel or box of death" in the facility's parking lot.

The contraption is for dogs who are destined for prompt "euthanasia." Logan, who at the time had been a frequent rescuer of dogs from the OC Shelter, reached out to the facility to see why the dog was being put down and she was informed that it was because of the owner's claims that the dog was aggressive.

Logan inquired if the facility had administered a temperament test to the dog to verify the owner's claims and not only was she advised "no," but she received correspondence informing her that she was no longer allowed to be a rescue partner for the facility - something Logan took to be retaliatory.

Logan issued a statement upon the completion and serving of the lawsuit against the facility and the three individuals; she stated:

Ryan Drabek, Tammy Osborn and Katie Ingram are Sick Individuals with God complexes and the true animals and aggressors that day were the shelter workers.

What I witnessed that day and the look in Stitch's eyes will haunt me forever. It's been a painful, emotional and very depressing two years, but Change is Coming and Paw Protectors has sent a very loud, very strong message and very public message to the Orange County Animal Shelter, Ryan Drabek, Tammy Osborne and Katy Ingram that violating the Hayden Act, State and Federal Laws under the guise and color of authority and a shelter is not OK and illegal!

Threatening and Strong Arm Tactics to take away other rescues pull rights for speaking up and out against the numerous state and federal law violations is not OK.

The lawsuit addresses Logan's allegations - she hopes that the lawsuit sends a message that the status quo is not okay and ultimately, she wants to see an overhaul of the shelter and their current practices.

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