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Animal Rescue League announces a new partnership with The Pet Project Midwest

Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) announced today that they are now partnering with another Des Moines based animal charity, the Pet Project Midwest, to help animals and owners become reunited easier and faster. The ARL Manager of Special Gifts and Partnerships, Stephanie Filer, reports that they receive an average of 30-50 animals daily in the Des Moines area.

In the past, when lost pets are found wandering, they are taken to a shelter. Pet owners had to visit the shelters in order to find their lost pets. Sometimes, pets and owners were never reunited.

Thanks to the partnership with the Pet Project Midwest, owners of lost pets are able to check online for their beloved. Once a lost pet is brought to a shelter, a photo of the pet is taken and uploaded to the website along with details about the found pet.

The Pet Project Midwest has been serving the Des Moines area with its two main projects, Iowa Pet Alert and The Pet Pantry. The main goals of The Pet Project Midwest are to keep pets with their owners and out of shelters, help owners take care and keep their pets, and help the community by keeping the animals off the streets and using up government resources.

For more information, visit:

The Animal Rescue League at

The Midwest Pet Project at


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