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Animal Rescue Group Warns of Heat Wave


WATERTOWN, Wis. - Today is expected to be a hot and humid day in Wisconsin, reaching up to the mid 90s in some places throughout the state.

Animal rescue organization Global Conservation Group is warning pet owners to ensure their companion animals have water and adequate shelter at all times, and to be on the lookout for dogs locked in hot cars and pets without water or shelter outside. The group's Director of Animal Emergency Response Jean Milk says "Even on a 78 degree day, a car parked in the sun can quickly reach a fatal and deadly temperature of 160 degrees in just a few minutes."

Those that spot an animal in distress are encouraged to contact their local authorities immediately, and if they are unresponsive, or take too long to respond, call the Global Conservation Group's Animal Emergency Response Department at 888-959-5403. The public can also report non-urgent matters to

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