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Animal rescue group intervenes on behalf of dog with huge tumor to save her life

On Friday, the 8-pound tumor was removed from Roxie's neck; more updates to follow.
On Friday, the 8-pound tumor was removed from Roxie's neck; more updates to follow.
Noah's Arks Rescue

She's a six-year-old gray and white pit bull with the sweetest disposition, but something went terribly wrong with her health just seven short months ago. Roxie, from McDonough, Georgia, a well-cared for pooch, developed a tumor the size of her head which began as a golf ball sized lump on her neck.

The owner, very much involved in his dog's well-being and having adopted her when she was just a puppy, was told by numerous vets to treat the growth with medication. When the tumor grew to the size it is now, and six veterinarians later, the owner was told the only solution would be to operate. The surgery would be too costly for someone with a limited income.

Noah's Arks Rescue intervened. For those who remember Bubbles, the neglected Mastiff, who was found last year roaming the streets of Baltimore with a huge nine pound tumor on her face, it's no wonder founder, Jennifer Smith of Noah's Arks Rescue felt a special affinity for Roxie's plight. The organization supplies emergency medical and surgical care for needy pets.

Roxie was taken to Florida and her surgeon was to be Dr. Nick Bacon, the same surgeon who operated on Bubbles.

On Friday, Roxie's operation seems to have been a success. On the organization's Facebook page Roxie is shown resting comfortably:

"She was stable during the entire procedure and had to be given only two units of blood The tumor was removed in one piece and weighed 8 lbs. Her ear canal had to be removed, but her ear flap was left. The tumor originated from her Parotid Salivary Gland. Any lymph nodes that were enlarged were removed. The Oncology Team will now take all of the information and scans and determine the best course of action to rid her body of the cancer that had spread to her lungs. We are all feeling so happy for this amazing dog."

Surgeons and the oncology staff will advise Noah's Arks Rescue on Roxie's future needs. Smith did offer her opinions about the surgery and some criticism:

"...we would never put a dog down that was not suffering and so full of Life. The cancer was going to eventually kill her but why wait for her to suffer before doing surgery."

A blog to report Roxie's progress can be followed by clicking here.

If you would like to help with Roxie's medical expenses, please click here.

Read the amazing story of Bubbles and how her short life amazed and delighted so many people as this dog's zest for life showed through her physical struggles.

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