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Animal prosthetics update

Milwaukee area pet owners whose animals have a physical disability can now help them by being fitted with a prosthesis. There is a company based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin that can custom fit the needs of your pets.

However, across the country and throughout the world animals are leading a more normal life thanks to the innovation of many prosthetic designers. Not only dogs and cats, but any animal can be fitted with an artificial limb.

An Ohio Red Kangaroo was fitted with an artificial leg. An elephant near the Thai-Burma border also has an artificial leg. A turtle in the San Francisco area was given wheels to compensate for the loss of both forelegs. A bill was made for a stork in Romania. A dolphin was fitted with a rubber tail in Okinawa.

Humans have been fitted with prosthesis for decades. Then in the late 20th Century this industry expanded to fit dogs and cats. Today designers are tapping their creativity fitting any animal with a prosthesis to make their lives easier and helping them to be the animal they were meant to be.

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