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Animal Planet goes to Kentucky: 'Finding Bigfoot' features Turtleman

'Finding Bigfoot' goes to Kentucky
'Finding Bigfoot' goes to Kentucky
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Finding Bigfoot" returned for Season 4 on Sunday night, and the team was searching for Sasquatch in Kentucky. Who else would be a guest on the show but Kentucky's own Turtleman from Animal Planet's popular show, "Call of the Wildman." It was a bit unusual to see Bobo and Renee reacting with Ernie Brown, Jr., the Turtleman, and his banjo-picking sidekick, Neil.

Previews had teased that Turtleman was a Bigfoot believer, but as it turns out, he had supposedly shot a Bigfoot when he was nine years old. He related that he was hunting by himself when a Bigfoot jumped out at him and appeared to be on the attack. He held the beast at bay by shooting him around his shins somewhere which was enough to fend off the aggressive animal. His story sounded a bit questionable, and the parts of the show featuring Turtleman seemed slightly contrived, but enjoyable.

Turtleman had his own season premiere of "Call of the Wildman" following “Finding Bigfoot.” As Brown and his crew returned for a fourth season, they had some of the folks from “Finding Bigfoot” along for the adventures, but there really didn’t seem to be quite as many “critter calls", and the visiting Bigfooters did not go along. Renee and Bobo were quite busy getting schooled in the way of the woods in Kentucky from the man who knows them best, at least according to the show.

It was a fun, light-hearted night in Kentucky for Animal Planet, which surely was a nice change after their dark and graphic program about the Russian Yeti earlier in the evening. Amidst the fun, the “Finding Bigfoot” team felt they had had some significant responses in Kentucky that led them to an unquestionable assessment that there are definitely Sasquatch in Kentucky. Of course, sometimes they get excited about some slightly ambiguous responses in the woods, but I suppose you take what you can get!