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Animal Myths for Halloween

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

Halloween has always been a time for myths and scary stories.
Black cats have always been given a bad rap. Did you know that most local shelters and animal rescues will not adopt out black cats this time of year? It's true, especially for the local shelters. Black cats have always been tortured and tormented at Halloween time.

But did you know that canines have some pretty scary myths associated with them too? Dogs have long been believed to possess a "second sight", having the ability to see spirits and predict death. Even a dogs howl was seen as bearing bad news. In medieval times if a child's birth was met with howling, the child was believed to be doomed to an unhappy life.

Another interesting myth from Ireland states that asking a dog is bad luck because if the dog answers, the person asking will likely die. Craziness right?

Everyone have a happy and healthy Halloween and look out for our animal friends.