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Animal law attorney accuses animal shelter of abuse and mishandling of drugs

Marla Tauscher was one of dozens of animal welfare advocates who attended the San Bernardino City Council meeting this past Monday. She is an attorney who specializes in Animal Law, specifically Animal Shelter law and Animal Control law.

Tauscher stood out with her strong presentation where she took the council to task over several issues including administration of controlled substances and lack of medical treatment of the animals in the care of the San Bernardino City Shelter. She said that she filed a police report that day against the shelter operations manager, Debi Shuker, and the police sergeant in charge of the shelter, Adam Affrunti.

Affrunti is the officer who arrested animal advocate Maria Sanchez in a disagreement last week but did nothing to Shuker who had custody and control over a sick dog but did not get it treatment. He has an interesting background in that in his first seven years on the police force, he was part of six officer-involved shootings.

Shuker is credited with asking that Sanchez be removed from the premises. She is also known for the retaliatory killings at the shelter.

The short video above is worth watching by anyone in animal advocacy, especially those dealing with California shelters. It may give you some ideas of where to look if you are dealing with a difficult shelter in your area.

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