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Animal House Adoption Center in Louisville; where adoptions meet art

Beautiful day for adoptions at The Animal House
Ashleigh Shelton

Animal House Adoption Center in Louisville, which opened in October 2010, is a state-of-the-art facility that combines friendly, comfortable adoptions and beautiful photography of rescue animals.

The animals at this facility are happy and clean and eager to meet new people. The staff appears to have a comfortable bond with the animals they house. The dogs are maintained in twenty glass front rooms, each housing only one happy dog or at most two who get along. In addition there are eighteen puppy condos. The cats are housed in sixteen cat condos, and two free ranging cat rooms. All of this is preceded by an airy, welcoming atrium and a friendly staff. The most interesting part of the facility though, is the adoption rooms where photographs of rescue animals, taken by artists with ties to the local area, adorn the walls. The photographers either live in the Louisville area or have gone to school here and have ties in the area.

Animal House works to showcase its animals in the best possible light. They desire to highlight the fact that these animals are not in the shelter because anything is wrong with them. They are happy well-adjusted animals who may just need a little more love and attention than previous owners gave them. Some animals come to their intake center injured and local vets volunteer their time and services to aid these animals in healing and finding forever homes.

The volunteers that give so much time and love here make huge differences in these animals’ lives. The staff has taken animals that, in other situations would be seen as un-adoptable, and turned them in to model family animals. Some animals have been there for over a year now and the staff are doing everything they can to house them with the right family. They will continue to do so until the animal is adopted. There is no expiration date on love or on these animals. Further details on animals the currently house, the facility and the art can be found here .

The Animal House does not accept animals. They only facilitate adoptions.

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