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Animal hoarding is a serious issue

Although it is well-known that the American people love their canines, it is ridiculous to think that having too many could make someone happy. Take for instance the 100 Chihuahuas discovered in a home in Grand Cane, Louisiana. The outstanding number of dogs goes beyond canine love to an extreme hoarding issue and sickness.

See just a few of the Chihuahuas caught up in this serious situation.
Guardians of Rescue
At least 14 dogs were assisted by GoR in this hoarding situation.
Guardians of Rescue Website

Thank goodness that there are national organizations such as the Guardians of Rescue (GoR) that will do whatever they can, whenever they can in situations like this one. Knowing of the great work that GoR does, with the help of public contributions, Animal Control Officer, Harold Renfro, reached out to the group simply due to the sheer volume of dogs at the residence. A small town animal control agency would be overwhelmed by the voracity of that type of situation!

The Guardians were quick to jump at the opportunity to help. The plan is for them to transport 11 Chihuahuas and three Terrier mixes from Louisiana to Port Jefferson Station, New York to an organization called Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue.

Meanwhile, local publicists did their duty and reached out as far as possible to potential adopters about the 28 animals that were taken to the DeSoto Animal Shelter. So far, though, only 11 Chihuahuas have yet to be adopted. Just like with other adoptions, the 11 dogs will be spayed or neutered, receive any special care that they need and receive socialization classes as necessary.

"The Chihuahuas left are extremely nervous, fearful and do not show well to the public, we have to treat this situation delicately,” said Dori Scofield, vice president of Guardians of Rescue. "The shelter is full and these are the dogs that needed us most. It was not necessary for us to take the easily adoptable ones. We help the underdogs of the world."

What people that hoard do not realize is that they are creating way more issues than the amount of love that they could potentially feel for the animals. First and foremost, the animals are not receiving the love and attention that they need to be healthy and happy; neither are they most likely being fed, watered or receiving the proper medical care. Furthermore, once they are rescue, the cost to get them spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccination, getting the proper health certificates and then being transported to various locations is quite costly. For just the 14 dogs that GoR is transporting, it will cost over $1,000; for a nonprofit organization, this is a good deal of money.

Thanks to the public they are able to continue making daring rescues like this one, but are in continual need of donations like this one currently, entitled Operation Chihuahua. For more information or to make a donation, visit the Guardians of Rescue Website at or checks may be mailed to GoR at 34 E. Main Street, Suite 303, Smithtown, NY 11787. Here’s hoping that a lesson is learned and that these dogs will finally receive proper love and attention!

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