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Animal heroes rescue beagle from Kerry's Valentia Island cliff

After three days of being trapped, animal lovers and local heroes set out to rescue a man's dog.
AHAR Animal Rescue Facebook page

In Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland, animal lovers and a few amazing heroes of the defenseless managed a dramatic rescue of a two-and-a-half-year-old Beagle named Shandon, after the dog ran down the Valentia Island cliff and became trapped reported the Independent.

On Saturday, David O'Connor had been walking with Shandon when the pooch took off to chase some goats. Sadly, the dog became trapped as he ran along the cliff.

News traveled fast of Shandon's accident. People could hear the dog howling, but there was no way to get him up the cliff. Suzanne Gibbons, of the AHAR Animal Rescue Center in Castleisland knew she had to help, and reached out to the Knightstown Coast Guard Unit and local hero Pat O'Driscoll.

Fearlessly, the heroes began to climb down the dangerous cliff, but were unable to find Shandon even though they could still hear the terrified dog howling. And then came someone on a lifeboat who was able to steer the rescue party to the spot where Shandon was trapped. Success ... and slowly O'Driscoll walked the dog back up the cliff.

The AHAR animal rescue center Facebook page was jubilant with the good news. Shandon had been the constant companion of David O'Connor's son who had recently passed after having fought a losing battle with cancer.

And all for the love of a dog did Pat O'Driscoll and the volunteers risk their lives...

"Can everyone that knows Pat please text him or ring him and wish him well. What a guy and his team of volunteers. Thanks to his brother Dan, Muris Kelly, Alan Cournane, Anthony OSullivan, Sean Donoghue, Laurance Lynch, Stephen Sullivan, Mike Moran and TJ Daly from Knightstown coast guards. You are some of the nicest guys you could meet to risk their lives today for this dog."

David O'Connor and Shandon have since been reunited.

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