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Facebook page: 'Help Save the dog in Bridgeport, Connecticut'

Help Save the dog in Bridgeport Connecticut
Help Save the dog in Bridgeport Connecticut
Facebook: Help Save the dog in Bridgeport Connecticut

The Facebook page "Help Save the dog in Bridgeport Connecticut" has been up for only three hours and it already has more than 1,000 followers as of 11 p.m. Eastern Time.

The social media site was created because of concerns about a local dog. Posts claim the pooch is living in questionable conditions outside in a wooden box. The page has pictures of some sort of waste system built into the enclosure. The webpage says the dog, "Cries constantly. He's so lonely he tries to escape."

According to the Bridgeport Animal Control Facebook page and the city police department page officials investigated, visited the home on several occasions, took photos, and say:

"We’ve received a large number of inquiries about the living conditions of a dog on Frenchtown Road in our city. We just wanted to update you on the case. Our ACOs take the welfare of all animals very seriously and we understand people’s concern.

Based on complaints, our animal control officers have visited the house at least four times over the last two weeks. They have conducted thorough inspections and documented the site on video. This is what we found: The dog has an enclosure that has two sections. One is a concrete slab that the dog can walk around in. The other part is under shelter with heat, hay, food and water. Our animal control officers checked out the dog and the dog appears to be in good health. At this time, however, the owner is not violating any law in the care of his dog.We absolutely will continue to monitor the situation."

Police also issued second lengthy statement on its Facebook page saying:

"... this dog is not being abused, neglected or mistreated. This controversy appears to stem from a dispute between neighbors. We truly appreciate the passion that people have for all animals and their strong advocacy. We also understand that people choose to raise their pets in different ways.

This is what we found: The owner constructed a large kennel for the dog. The front portion is approximately 8 feet by 8 feet with a concrete pad. The rear section is approximately four feet by four feet with hay as bedding and insulation and contains a heater. Both sections are fully enclosed from the elements. The shelter is protected from the wind and during our visits we found adequate food and water. We checked out the dog and he appears completely healthy and well cared for.

In speaking with the owner, we also learned that the dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and brought out several times a day for socialization and exercise.

Some people on social media have mentioned a tethering law. Our animal control officers have reviewed that law and there is no violation. There has been a lot of fiction and assumptions stated as fact on social media. If there was any concern about the treatment of this dog, the shelter staff would have immediately started the process of removing him."

But posters on the Facebook page are multiplying, saying the conditions are unacceptable.

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