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Animal Deterrent Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Motion activated sprinkler systems are an effective way to protect your gardens and yards from the most common animal intruders. The use of sprinklers are an excellent deterrent for their simple use of a surprising burst of water that will startle animals from your yard or garden without harming them.

No bothersome odors

Other animal deterrent systems employ the use of harmful chemicals that are not only detrimental to the deer, but also leave a lasting irritating odor. With animal repellent motion activated sprinklers, you will discover a much better method to deterring common pests such as deer, raccoons, heron, cats and so many others that become a bother to your yard or garden.

No harmful effects to animals

These motion-activated sprinklers utilize a sensor, which will alert the system when a deer is within range of your garden or yard. Subsequently, the animal deterring sprinklers when activated produce a sudden jarring noise to the creatures with a movement and spray that will scare them away quickly.

Large area of protection

Most of these animal deterrent motion activated sprinklers are effective in the protection of over 1000 square feet any time of day or night no matter what the season may bring. Additionally, individuals with larger yards often choose to link the systems together for a broader range of protection.

Conserves water

One of the best attributes of motion activated sprinklers however is the ability you gain to keep pests away without the use of harmful chemicals that can leave an unpleasant smell for days. Aside from their effective deterrent of animals that can potentially harm the look of your yard or the productivity of your garden, these sprinkler systems typically conserve water with an approximation of a mere two to three cups per deterrence.

These systems are the optimal alternative to chemical sprays and annoying netting. Most come with a guarantee as well leaving you with no worries on your investment. Protect your garden and yard from animal intruders the safe, easy and effective way with a motion-activated sprinkler system.

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