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Animal cruelty for 'staged acts' at the hands of Turtleman, Animal Planet

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The Animal Planet show Call of the Wildman supposedly tracks the work of a rural Kentucky animal rescuer named "Turtleman." According a January 21st Mother Jones investigation, though, the rescues that "Turtleman" enacts aren't just staged -- they sometimes involve putting the animals in question in danger.

This information was first discovered via three starving and terrified baby raccoons. By the time they got to the Kentucky Wildlife Center, they were so ill that they needed incubation, intubation and a blood plasma transfusion. Only two of them survived. But these raccoons hadn't been found in the wild -- they'd been in the care of Animal Planet.

In the case of the three baby raccoons, the report says, show producers trapped the newborns and planted them under a house, pretending that they were the offspring of a wild female raccoon. In reality, however, the wild raccoon in question was a male -- and the three babies were just performers in a script that nearly killed them.

And the baby raccoons aren't the show's only victims. Overall, the report says, animals are frequently snatched from the wild, caged for days, and released onto sets so that Turtleman can catch them for viewers' entertainment.

“It is completely immoral and unethical for Animal Planet to put animals' health on the line for the sake of ratings,” says Kathleen, an activist leading a petition with Care2.

TAKE ACTION: Click here to sign the petition telling them to stop the cruelty immediately!

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