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Animal Cruelty Cases Forgotten??

Courtesy~ Animal Planet
Courtesy~ Animal Planet
Animal Planet

Last month the ASPCA had laid off all of their law-enforcement investigators on the grounds that the NYPD was to be taking over. However this has not been the case.

The ASPCA receives over 4,000 calls a year in regards to animal cruelty, and now the NYPD has been telling callers they are not in charge either.

The NYPD was selected in August, by ASPCA’s newly appointed president, Matthew Bershadker. Bershadker said the police had more manpower for handling the flood of calls his agency normally gets.

The ASPCA states:

“The NYPD will now take the lead role in responding to all animal-cruelty complaints in the five boroughs . . . All eight NYPD patrol boroughs have been trained.”

The NYPD states:

“The expansion of the program is under review . . . Staffing questions should be referred to the ASPCA,”

In the meantime amid all of the miscommunication many animal cruelty cases are going unanswered.

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