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Animal control officer innocent of wrong-doing after striking dog in the face

Dog loses eye after being struck with a baton
Dog loses eye after being struck with a baton
Screen shot via KATU News

According to Wednesday's KOIN News, the animal control officer in Hillsboro, Ore., who struck a dog in the face, causing her to lose an eye, has been found innocent of any wrongdoing.

Animal Control Officer Hoyt Stepp, with the Washington County Animal Control, responded to a dog at large call in late February. A mixed breed dog named "Dojie," had escaped from her yard after the wind blew open the gate to her fenced yard.

What happened next varies by who you ask...

Dojie's guardian, Marlin Starr, was told by neighbors that the officer had followed Dojie into her yard and struck her in the head with a baton - Officer Stepp stated that the dog was behaving aggressively.

The strike to Dojie's head injured her eye badly enough that the eye had to be removed; regardless, the man who inflicted the damage has been cleared of any potential animal cruelty charges.

According to the Hillsboro Police Department, the decision was made after a “thorough and detailed investigation.”

Not surprisingly, Marlin Starr is unhappy with the department's findings, telling KOIN News:

I am angry and I do want results. I do want justice,

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