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Animal communicators help dogs and owners

What is your dog thinking or feeling?
What is your dog thinking or feeling?

An animal communicator is a person who can understand an animal's feelings, pain and can "see" some of the animal's experiences. Some call this ability intuition, telepathy or psychic connection, psychic pet therapist, dog whisperer, horse whisperer. Whatever the name, it is simply meeting and communicating with a pet on a spiritual level.

If you love animals, then on some level you are already engaged in animal communication. Animals do not generally "speak" with words but more often show a communicator images which convey feelings, attitudes and experiences. The communicator, in turn, can describe these images and sensations in words to owners so they can understand the animals' feelings or troubles.

In the past, anything having anything to do with a high degree of understanding of an animals' feelings was looked upon as being "odd". Even today, the mention that someone "talks" with animals is looked upon with suspicion, but it is becoming more widely accepted as the results are proving that a true communicator can help animals and owners in need.

Chuck and Don’s featured event at the Aurora-Arapahoe Crossing store on Saturday, February 22, 2014 and Saturday, March 22, 2014 is animal communicator Janice Cook, owner of Intuitive Pet Insights. She will offer a “mini-reading” with your dog (or cat) at $1 per minute, for a maximum of one hour from 1:00-4:00 p.m. The store is located at 6380 S. Parker Road, Suite 107, Aurora, CO. The store’s phone number is 303-577-1109.

If unable to attend either of these featured Saturday events, Janice is available for phone readings at 303-386-6467. Please call for an appointment or use the Contact tab on her site. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit cards are accepted. Janice’s rates are $50 for 30 minute readings or $100 for 60 minutes.

Another local animal communicator is Eden Koljord (pronounced Kuhl-yord), founder and owner of Inspiring Radiant Partnerships. Eden shares, “Intuition is the highest faculty of our conscious minds - not, as is commonly thought, a product of our subjective mode of being.” Owners schedule sessions with her because they are frustrated. They cannot get the help they need from traditional sources (i.e. behaviorist, coach, nutritionist, trainer, etc.) to resolve a current behavior, issue, or problem. These methods have been insufficient and ineffective for their current situation.

Eden helps people and animals to:

  • understand the source of behavioral problems.
  • release trauma and fear surrounding injury, illness, and death.
  • understand one another's needs and feelings.
  • address body-mind-spirit needs from the physical to the metaphysical.

Eden provides remote phone sessions (also called distance therapy) or she will come to you and your animal companion. Her hours are flexible by appointment, 7 days a week. The cost is $100 per one hour session. She may be reached at 928-266-6237 or by email at

There are times when owners just can’t identify what is going on in the life of their dog (or cat, bird, rabbit or horse) or when the dog/pet displays changes in behavior which an owner cannot identify. Given the deep love shared between owner and dog, the use of an animal communicator is a gift to both owner and dog.

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