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Animal Communication and the passing of our beloved pets

Our own version of the baby on a bear skin rug!
Our own version of the baby on a bear skin rug!

Honey being a good sport with her Snake
Photo by Michelle

A frequently asked question for Animal Communicators is whether or not it is possible to make a connection with a pet who has transitioned out of our physical world.  The answer is Yes it is possible.  For some people this may enter unknown, or perhaps even uncomfortable territory: the question of life after death.  Most people who find it easy to accept the possibility of Animal Communication do not have much trouble trusting in the process of communicating with the essence of their pets who have passed on.

I recently asked my friend who is a professional Animal Communicator, Joyce Leake, to communicate with my own First Dog.  Growing up I was always surrounded by cats but only have one clear memory of the small dog we had during most of my childhood.  This dog I wanted to connect with was my own dog, my first Boxer puppy: Honey.  She was a white Boxer and what a doll!  After a particularly painful breakup, I decided I was done with men for the time being & needed a REAL companion.  So, I did what anyone would do-I brought a puppy into my life.

She was the perfect example of a dog's joy for life: she loved rides in my little Mighty Max truck, she loved going to visit Auntie Ann and her own pack of Dog Children, a quarter the size but as rambunctious as her Uncle Doc Holiday, the Australian Cattle Dog she played with for hours on end.  She also loved coming with me to visit the horses, of course she was showered with attention from anyone who was there. 

Her sweet little life was cut short by a stupid, sad accident that you spend years questioning how different things had been if only you had...insert any one of a million different scenarios here.  It was compounded by the tragic fact that in the moment of taking in the scene before me I allowed my anger at the mess of broken things to over-ride my concern for whether she had been hurt.  I have carried my guilt close to my heart, guilt that in those last few moments of her life she heard about what a bad girl she was. 

Along with many other changes I am consciously making in my life these days, in honor of the season (Halloween, Samhain, the Mexican Day of the Dead, etc) I decided to make an honest effort to cleanse this guilt and once more be able to remember Honey for all the Happy, Joyous times we had.  Deep inside I've always known that she knew I loved her and believed her to be the best Boxer in the world.  But sometimes we need help with these things.

Joyce was happy to help connect to Honey and through this process was able to convey Honey's conviction that it was high-time I let go of my guilt & remorse over her untimely death.  She made it clear that her memory was far different than mine...while I always am drawn to that last day and the end of her life, she remembers the safety, warmth & security of those 6 months she shared with me.  Her strongest message to me was that "The lesson is learned" and I should really let the guilt go so I could share her memories in place of the sad memories I cling to.

Joyce herself had some great advice for me, advice that will help me continue to focus on clearing & releasing my guilt.  I felt "lighter" in my heart immediately after our conversation and I continue to hold tightly to the sense of love I can now feel when I remember Honey.

If you have any unresolved issues that cause you any form of negative emotions associated with a pet who has transitioned into spirit, don't let that stop you from getting help in reaching out.  A professional Animal Communicator can help you release any guilt, fear, anger, frustration or any number of negative emotions you might cling to; emotions that can take away from all the happiness and joy you shared with that beloved pet.  I know of a lovely lady in Elbert County I strongly recommend.

Thank You Joyce, Thank You Honey.


  • JB 5 years ago

    This was great. I've always wanted to contact past pets, "Boog" in particular. I had to give him up for adoption many years ago and have been heartbroken ever since.