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Animal ambassadors greet guests up close at SeaWorld Sea of Surprises

Some of the many animal ambassadors you can see at SeaWorld Orlando.
Some of the many animal ambassadors you can see at SeaWorld Orlando.
Barb Nefer

SeaWorld Orlando has always featured a wide variety of animal ambassadors who greet guests to spread the word about conversation. Most of them are rescued animals who can't be released for various reasons. For example, some had injuries that left them with permanent disabilities, while others were raised as pets by misguided people and imprinted on humans, making a wild life impossible. Instead, they live at the park and spread the word about their species.

Now, during the Sea of Surprises to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary, you can see the animals in a very special way. They're over in the newly revamped Sea Garden, where guests can close enough to pet a possum, feed a spoon bill. You'll see some of the animals in the slideshow accompanying this article.

The SeaWorld Orlando Sea Garden is also home to four educational sculptures made entirely out of trash found in the ocean. Jump to this article for a slideshow of how this pollution has been repurposed into something beautiful and educational. To see some of the 50th anniversary merchandise, jump here. For an overview of the kick-off celebration, check out this article.

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