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Animal Alphabet Singers now in Apple App Store

Animal Alphabet Singers is a great learning tool for kids
Animal Alphabet Singers is a great learning tool for kids
Animal Alphabet Singers

Learning to read has never been so fun.

That is thanks to Think Smart Games, Inc. and their partnership with Christoper Cerf and Jane Aaron to create an app you will certainly be hearing a lot about- Animal Alphabet Singers.

Animal Alphabet Singers is now available in the Apple App Store for $3.99 and can be used on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.

Keeping the attention of 2-year old kids isn't easy, but this app does it.

Those at Think Smart Games says it isn't by accident.

“We wanted to work with the leading thinkers and producers in the children’s education and entertainment sector to bring the building blocks of early reading success alive for children and their parents and teachers," says Brian Kohn, CEO and President Think Smart Games, Inc. "The depth of experience Chris, Jane and Marilyn bring to the realization of The Animal Alphabet Singers guarantees that it will captivate emergent readers while ensuring that the fundamentals of letter recognition are firmly established to enable a lifetime of reading enjoyment and comprehension.”

Animal Alphabet Singers takes kids through introductory letter recognition exercises and activities. The readers will gain experience working with twenty-six animal animations each representing a letter of the alphabet. It's learning and entertainment all in one.

The app is all about learning and there are no ads or promotions in the app.

From Think Smart Games:

Of special note for parents and teachers is the fact that the app is solely devoted to engaging young users; it contains no marketing or promotional messages. The result: a pure learning experience for young readers.

Alphabet Animal Singers was co-created, designed and written by Christopher Cerf. Cerf is a noted children’s education expert and entertainment specialist. Jane Aaron lent her talent to the music.

There is nothing more important than teaching kids to read. If they can have a little fun along the way and still pick up the basics of a lifetime skill like reading- it's a big bonus.

Animal Alphabet singers does just that. Get it in the Apple App Store.

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