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Animal advocates encouraged to attend Pickens County Council meeting on April 21

Kim Jackson, (L), to speak before Pickens County Council
Kim Jackson, (L), to speak before Pickens County Council
Facebook and Pickens County website

Team Pickens County will meet at the next County Council meeting, Travis Garner announced via Facebook April 10.

The next Pickens County Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Pickens Administration Auditorium.

Team Pickens County is comprised of animal advocates in the Pickens, South Carolina area. This fairly new group is excited about the opportunity to address the council about animal control issues. Those who support companion animals are tired of the 'good ole boy' mentality that much of the state operates under.

While most meetings are non-interactive, meaning Council members may or may not interact with supporters, animal advocates are encouraged to attend.

Clerk to Council spokesperson Donna Owen, stated to Garner to have as many supporters as possible at the meeting. Owen said the council would most likely allow three to five minutes for animal advocated to state their case. Kim Jackson, an animal advocate who makes her home in the upstate, will speak for Team Pickens County.

You don't have to be a member of the team to attend. All animal lovers are invited to show their support, as well as to learn what needs to be done to protect the companion animals of South Carolina. SC ranks #47 in animal cruelty laws, and that needs to change.

More on the Pickens County Council can be found on their website.

If possible, please contact Travis Garner by email if you plan to attend.

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