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Animal Rights Advocates Doris Day and Jane Goodall Share April 3rd Birthday

Jane Goodall and Doris Day
Jane Goodall and Doris Day
The Jane Goodall Institute, Doris Day Animal Foundation

Two dedicated animal rights activists share one birthday.

Both Jane Goodall and Doris Day were born on April 3rd. And April 3, 2014 marks significant birthdays for both: Doris Day turns 90, while Jane Goodall turns 80. Both have spent decades working towards the betterment of the lives of other species on this planet.

One wish these pioneers are certain to have shared on every one of their birthdays, for countless years, is that humans become more compassionate and respectful towards our friends of varying species. True non-human animal advocacy in this decidedly human-run world takes a great deal of strength and commitment.

Being compassionate about other species is not about caring for a day, or in passing, by posting something on social media. It's about taking action. It's about carrying (and sharing) the simple truth that each life has equal value and that all species deserve respect. This is a lifelong struggle both Ms. Day and Ms. Goodall have lived, every day, decade upon decade.

To honor the efforts of these two heroes, take a moment to truly consider how much better it would be to celebrate them by helping take further the strides they've made in the non-human animal rights movement.

Among her many efforts over the years, Doris Day founded what is now known as World Spay Day, an annual event that has reached global proportions. And despite the steady stream of information from organizations like The Doris Day Animal Foundation and the ASPCA, there are still so many innocents needing to be rescued from kill shelters, puppy mills, or in any number of abusive situations today.

In Doris Day's lifetime, she has repeatedly campaigned against the use of real fur in fashion. It's unfortunate that the intended result of those efforts has yet to be realized, when non-empathetic people still wear fur today, despite the fact that there is nothing less attractive than cruelty. One woman with significant influence in this arena, who shamelessly continues to wear real fur, is Kate Moss. Considering the impact she has on fashion-hungry minions of a certain age, one big statement from Kate Moss -- in opposition of fur -- could make an incredible difference. It's astounding that privileged women like Moss, who should know far better, could have so little concern for the suffering these superficial wears cause innocent victims. It is no longer the responsibility of activists, or the fur industry, to end this. It is the responsibility of fashion magazine editors, 'street-style stars', fashion bloggers, and fashion plates (like Moss) to set an example, and therefore change this ugly facet of fashion for good.

Meanwhile, poaching is still an ongoing problem. And the need for conservation and protection of all species continues to be of dire importance. Ideally, Jane Goodall could have celebrated her 80th birthday this year knowing these senseless murders and losses of habitat are a thing of the past. Speciesism also remains abundant, with humans giving far more consideration to the lives and rights of certain animals, but not the lives of those sensitive, social, intelligent animals traditionally (archaically) raised for food.

Their efforts have not been in vain. However, for both Doris Day and Jane Goodall, I dearly wish they may have the chance to experience tremendous and significant improvements in terms of human respect for all other species within their respective lifetimes.

Celebrate Doris Day's birthday in Carmel, CA: Learn more or contribute to the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF):

Join Jane Goodall's global birthday celebration: Sign Jane's 80th Birthday Card: Learn more or donate to the Jane Goodall Institute:

Respect all species. Every life has equal value.

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