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Animal advocate needs help with her dog Sodapop, diagnosed with luxating patella

Sodapop needs help with vet bills
Sodapop needs help with vet bills

Kelly Marie Collins has helped pets in needs, and is now in need of help herself.. Facebook: Pets Lost and Found of Upstate South Carolina posted March 1 that Kelly needs our help in raising funds for her dog Sodapop.

Sodapop is a 7-year-old border collie/beagle mix who lives in Lyman, South Carolina. This sweet baby recently started showing signs she was in pain while trying to jump on the couch.

A vet visit turned up some very bad news. Sodapop has grade 4 luxating patella, which is the worst form. The vet explained that not only is she in extreme pain, without surgery Sodapop will be immobile by age 10.

Kelly is raising money for the operation, since her vet stated that with treatment Sodapop should be able to remain active until age 15.

Sodapop is currently on pain medication until money is raised to perform the operation. An estimate of each procedure is provided on her GoFundMe webpage here, where it shows each knee will cost $780 go repair.

There's no question Kelly wants to give Sodapop those extra five years that surgery will allow. Dog lovers stick together on cases like this. Especially since Kelly has helped so many animals when they were in need.

Please share Kelly and Sodapop's story with friends. These funds can be raise quickly through social networking. It's nothing short of a miracle how dog lovers come together, and eventually the person with money connects with an animal in need.

Let's get this story out there, so Sodapop can get off of the pain medication and begin her pain-free life. Surgery has been scheduled for March 27, barring any emergencies with Sodapop.

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