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Animal advocate arrested for helping a sick dog continues her fight for justice

City Council meeting on Monday night did not allow Maria Sanchez to speak.
City Council meeting on Monday night did not allow Maria Sanchez to speak.
Teamgemini81/Facebook Maria Sanchez

The San Bernardino City Council meeting on Monday night, attended by animal advocate Maria Sanchez, was supposed to have given her the opportunity to publicly address the inhumane conditions at the San Bernardino Animal Shelter reported the Ironically, in a previous announcement to have more public involvement, Sanchez was not permitted to speak at the meeting.

Humane advocates attended yesterday's meeting to speak out against the egregious conditions at the shelter, but in spite of protests, Mayor Carey Davis adjourned the meeting and stopped all public comments.

Even though Sanchez was denied the opportunity to speak, she plans to return in two weeks. Early this morning on her Facebook page Maria wrote:

"They received over 700 emails already...I guess that was not enough for Mayor R. Carey Davis. He did not allow the rest of us who came out last night to speak out about the animal shelter. He shut down public comments at 8:00 p.m. He is heard telling one of his council members that he had heard enough about the city's animal shelter and closed the meeting. At the end he says "well then you can blame it on me" when his council members tried to convince him to continue."

For years, volunteers have been complaining about the conditions of the shelter. Sanchez, among several other volunteers, help to bring attention to the plight of the dogs by posting videos, descriptions, and encouraging social media to help find the dogs appropriate rescue organization, foster homes, and adoptive homes. Many of the volunteers walk and interact with the dogs; giving the dogs some "one on one time" and abating some of the loneliness and desperation many of the dogs feel when surrendered or abandoned by their previous owners.

Last week Sanchez complained to the shelter about a dog named Sue who desperately needed medical care. When Sanchez refused to give up and returned to check on the dog's condition, authorities were called, and Sanchez was physically escorted out, but not before she sustained bruises on her legs and arms.

Police spokesperson, Lt. Richard Lawhead for the San Bernardino Police denied any inappropriate behavior by officers. Sanchez was told not to return for 72 hours, even though no charges or court orders were served.

And for anyone who doesn't know, the dog named Sue was rescued and is safe. Had it not been for Sanchez, the question would alwasy remain what would have happened to this dog?

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