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Animal adoption 'Pet Picks' week of Sept. 20, 2010

Meet Sire—a 1-year-old, neutered male, Boxer mix dog
Meet Sire—a 1-year-old, neutered male, Boxer mix dog
Courtesy of the Dumb Friends League

Looking for a new pal? Think adoption! Check back every week for a look at some of the Dumb Friends League's up-to-date and featured pet picks—cats, dogs, rabbits, and animals of all kinds and sizes looking for a good home. Not only is rescuing an animal heroic and kind, but you could also end up with a new best friend!

If none of these guys are the right match, don't worry. There are plenty more on the DFL's own adoption website; these are just a handful. The shelter receives about 78 new animals every day, so there will be plenty more to come!

If you are interested in an animal or want more information about a particular animal, make note of it’s animal ID number and corresponding shelter (Denver or Buddy Center) and call the Dumb Friends League at (303) 751-5772