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Animal abuse and its connection to domestic abuse

Animal abusers are five times as likely to harm humans
Animal abusers are five times as likely to harm humans
Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

Reports of animal abuse have been everywhere in the news. The Humane Society says 64.5 percent of animal abuse involves dogs. In 2007, The Humane Society said that 25 percent of this abuse was aimed at “pitbull-type dogs.”

Instead of taking unwanted animals to shelters, some owners are injuring the animal and leaving it for dead. An example of this can be found in a recent story by The Patriot News. An owner had someone take his dog into the woods and slit the dog’s throat. The dog, named Trigger, was left for dead. Patriot News continued by saying the dog made it to the highway. The cold weather caused the neck wound to clot. Kevin Bonner was driving by at the time and stopped to help the dog. Patriot News reports that a woman, Helen McGarry also stopped to help and covered the dog with a blanket. Because of their actions, the dog survived. Bonner is first in line to adopt the dog who will be released today. The men involved with trying to kill the dog have been charged with cruelty to animals and attempt to kill a domestic animal according to Patriot News.

There are many people who turn a blind eye to animal cruelty. However, The Humane Society says that there is a connection between animal cruelty and domestic violence. According to The Animal Legal Defense Fund, people who abuse animals are five times more likely to harm a human. When looking into an animal abuse claim, investigators often find out about long term domestic abuse.

Children raised in a home with domestic abuse account for one fifth of domestic animal cruelty cases according to The Animal Defense Fund. Children that have been abused are more likely to become abusers.

However, things are being done to help women and pets alike. The Animal Defense Fund reports that animals are now being included in protection orders. If you know someone is abusing animals, or their partner, don’t hesitate to report it