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Anhony Adcock cons perception in Con-Struct exhibition at Packer Schopf Gallery

Adcock sculpture at Packer Schopf Gallery
Photo by Peter Germonpre

Anthony Adcock’s exhibition Con-Struct is on view through May 31st, 2014 in Packer Schopf Gallery’s lower level, located at 942 W. Lake Street in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. The exhibition consists predominantly of oil paintings, with a digital video piece and a few small sculptures thrown in for good measure.

Adcock’s minimal trompe l’oeil paintings demonstrate his technical mastery of the oil painting medium. The works mimic commonplace planographic surfaces of plywood, plank lumber, sheets of metal, and traffic signs. He patiently constructs his illusionary planar fields in painstaking detail, conning us into believing we are looking at an actual piece of plywood or real street sign. As he manipulates our perception, we are forced to consider the paintings as sculpture.

The artist further manipulates our sense of the real through inclusion of the sculpture Rebar Holder. Constructed of actual wood, steel, and oil on hydro-cal, the wooden base supports an actual piece of rebar.

Adcock is clearly dedicated to the craft of painting and revels in his ability to manipulate our perception. Simultaneously embracing simulacra and actual material physicality of objects in some of the works included forces the viewer to be constantly on the alert, not knowing for sure if we are experiencing illusion or reality.

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