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Angry Orchard introduces The Muse to its Cider House Collection

Angry Orchard
Angry Orchard

The Angry Orchard Cider Company has just introduced a new year-round Cider House Collection specialty cider known as The Muse.

The delicious champagne/sparkling wine-inspired cider takes apples to a new level with the wood aging and fermentation techniques needed to create this specialty drink. David Sipes, cider maker for Angry Orchard, chose a combination of apples from the Alto Adige region of Italy and from Normandy and Bretagne, France to uniquely age the cider on French oak staves for additional flavors of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and hints of vanilla. The result? A slightly sweet effervescent cider with flavors ranging somewhere in between a light champagne and sparkling wine.

We love the sweet apple aroma, which comes from apple juice added from traditional bittersweet apples grown in Normandy and Bretagne, France, a region with a historic and thriving culture of growing apples unique to cider making. With the addition of The Muse, the Cider House Collection expands its portfolio to three specialty ciders (all of which are gluten free), including Iceman and Strawman, all offered year-round in a 750ml, corked-caged bottle. The Muse has an alcohol content of 7.7% ABV. It should be served chilled at a temperature range of 45-52˚F.

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