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Angry iPhone 4 customers suing Apple, AT&T

An Apple store employee displays a new Apple iPhone 4 in Miami Beach.
(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Apple sold almost two million iPhone 4 units within three days of its new product launch, but Apple and AT&T are both facing a class action lawsuit over the so-called “grip of death.” Dissatisfied customers claim that when you hold the iPhone 4 a certain way, reception promptly drops. Apple initially responded by encouraging people to either hold the phone differently or use a bumper case, but after further investigation, the company is now reassuring customers that a free software update will soon be available to resolve the technical glitch (see the full Letter from Apple.) 

It is unknown whether Apple’s forthcoming solution will appease all of the iPhone customers who are furious over the situation. Below is a YouTube video that received more than a quarter of a million hits in less than a week:

Boy Genius Reports also published an email exchange allegedly between an angry customer and Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself. As part of the exchange, the customer wrote:

I am really insulted… ‘Calm down’…. ‘rumors’… What arrogance. This is will be marked as the beginning of the end of Apple. Seriously, DO THE RIGHT THING. I just had dinner with 3 people who had iPhone 4s we all can’t make calls without dropping. There is no rumor it is reality… Steve. IT DOES NOT WORK!

Although many other customers are perfectly happy with their iPhone 4, the anger that has been stirred up over this issue has led many people to call the lawsuit against Apple and AT&T “inevitable.”  What do you think? Was it indeed inevitable?

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  • Tony 5 years ago

    Apple needs to fix the problem. If they don't they will seriously be losing slot of business to other phones. I'm very unhappy with this reception issue. Then they have the nerve to not "appease" customers with free bumpers. Seriously??? How much could those bumpers cost them I guarantee you it's going to cost them alot more in the near future if they don't "appease" us customers. So what's it gonna be apple? Are you going to be cheap and screw the iPhones future or make this right?

  • Dr. Deb 5 years ago

    Thanks for your comment, Tony! Many people are fuming over this one, and it will be interesting to see what happens when the software fix is released.

  • Dr. Deb 5 years ago

    P.S. If you agree with Tony's point about Apple offering free bumpers to iPhone 4 customers, you can sign Gizmodo's petition:

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