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Angry father hits teacher with baseball bat for texting 15-year-old daughter

Random people texting (file photo)
Random people texting (file photo)
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

An altercation with a father and teacher using a baseball bat on Thursday was fueled by alleged inappropriate text messages. Baltimore County police say an angry dad hit an instructor from Perry Hall High School after the teacher showed up at his home to speak to the man's 15-year-old daughter and refused to leave, according to a June 8 Huffinton Post report.

Because the case is still under investigation and due to the nature of the incident, the identifications of those involved in this incident have not been released to the public at this time.

A girl's father struck a teacher with a baseball bat when the man, said to be 42, showed up without permission to the Perry High student's residence, reportedly to speak with her. The night before, at about three in the morning, the girl's mom discovered that she was receiving text messages from her teacher.

When he showed up, the mother and father demanded that he leave their property, to no avail. The Atlanta Daily wrote that the teacher pleaded with the father to speak with his daughter. At some point things escalated, the father fetched a baseball bat, and attacked the teacher, causing minor injuries to him.

Police were called to the residence and the girl's mom showed them evidence of a string of text messages from the girl's teacher. However, after an investigator from a precinct in White Marsh combed through the back and forth messages, officials agreed that the text messages were "inappropriate," but no criminal act had occurred.

Obviously, it's quite understandable why the father reacted with the way he did. But it's not clear if his intention all along was to hit the teacher with the baseball bat solely over the text messages or if that was a direct response to the man's brazen behavior by showing up at their home.

And given the fact that a large number of teacher and student scandals are cropping up almost daily, it underscores the debate over if school administrations are doing enough to protect children and are hiring the right people in the first place.

No arrests were made from the assault and alleged impropriety from a teacher texting a minor. However, the Crimes Against Children Unit is investigating the matter.

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