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911 call cat: Mad 22-lb pet feline traps family after owner kicks it

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A cat traps an Oregon family and terrorized them in their house. The house cat wouldn't let the family come out of their bedroom after they locked themselves in to get away from the angry cat. The owners of the cat were left no other option but to call 911 for help.

This had to be one of the oddest calls the 911 dispatcher has ever received, as the house cat was holding the family captive and kept "charging" the family when ever they tried to make a move. The dispatcher heard the cat's yowls and told the owners to stay put until help got there, according to on March 11.

Lux, the 22-pound Himalayan cat, had attacked their baby, who is only eight-months-old, and then the cat attacked their dog. The cat wouldn’t stop hissing and swatting at the family so they locked themselves in a bedroom hoping it would calm down, but that didn’t happen.

The 911 call was made when the cat continued trying to attack them as they tried to get out of the bedroom. The cat could be heard making all kinds of noises over the 911 call.

The owner of the cat, Teresa Barker later told the media that the cat wasn’t making just a regular cat meow sound, it was “hissing and just yowling.” The cat was acting absolutely crazy she said.

Police arrived and were able to capture Lux using a dog-snare, but not before he scaled to the top of the family’s refrigerator. The man who called 911 told the dispatcher that he kicked the cat in the rear end because it had swiped at the baby. After he kicked it, the cat started acting crazy and this is when they barricaded themselves in the bedroom.

Here is how that 911 call went:

Caller: “He’s charging us. He's at our door, our bedroom door.”

Dispatcher: “One moment, OK?”

Caller: “Do you hear him? That was the cat.”

Dispatcher: “Yeah, I hear him. Keep the door shut, OK?”

Update: According to Fox News live on Tuesday, the owner of the cat refuses to give it away. He said he is keeping the cat.



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