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‘Angry Birds Stella’ debuts on iOS and Android devices; girl power in video game

The new release of “Angry Birds Stella” has people calling in late for work or taking extra-long breaks today. Released on Wednesday worldwide this new “Angry Birds” game has a pink bird that offers up plenty of girl power. According to Mac Rumors on Thursday, it is the latest edition to the Angry Birds series and the fans love it.

Chief marketing officer and co-founder of Rovio Entertainment Oy, Peter Vesterbacka dressed in a red 'Angry Birds' sweater poses with an 'Angry Birds'
Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

“Angry Birds Stella” stars Stella, a pink bird who has her own powers to add to the playing. She can freeze in midair and launch in another direction, helping activate chain explosions and other popular elements to the game. It starts off free, but anyone who wants to dive deeper into the game can buy new elements to enjoy.

With the overwhelming success of Angry Birds, there is some question on how Stella is different. Looking to focus on girl power, this game can be fun for guys and gals, but it has plenty of pink to share for a new demographic that the game is encouraging to be part of the player pool. Previous games haven’t been as predominately targeted, but that focus has changed with this game.

The opportunity to see Stella in more than just a game is coming to a store soon. The pink bird is expected to hit the shelves by Christmas so fans can purchase stuffed animals, toys and other merchandise relating to the game. Being that Stella has been around less than 24-hours and people are already sharing how delighted they are about “Angry Birds Stella,” expect the items to be hot Christmas gifts!

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