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'Angry Birds Epic' gameplay trailer shows how much the series has changed

Rovio released a new trailer for the next game in the Angry Birds series on Monday. Angry Birds Epic is the most ambitious and straight up different title in the long running series yet. This particular gameplay trailer shows off the new features of the new Epic game, which wanders far away from the basis of the first Angry Birds games.

Angry Birds Epic

While the first Angry Birds games were built using a version of physics that had you knocking pigs off their stoop, Epic has more of a traditional, RPG fighting style. It’s almost as if Rovio has realized that catapulting birds through the air has run its course and is desperately looking for new ways to draw in gamers.

The Angry Birds Epic game veers into the area of turn based combat and a story-base campaign. Rovio says there is even a new crafting system for weapons, armor and potions. Angry Birds Epic has nothing at all to do with the earlier Angry Birds gameplay.

Epic was first teased earlier in March by showing a short trailer picturing a suit of armor and the tagline "Perhaps the most Epic soft launch ever - whatever that means!?"

The newest Angry Birds game is already available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand having been launched on Monday. There isn’t an official launch date for the United States and other parts of the world, but it stands to reason Angry Birds Epic will be launching here sooner rather than later.

Rovio has been slowly expanding its empire over the last few years and has come a long way from the simple game it made in 2009. That first game was only available on the iOS platform, but since that time, Rovio has moved over to Android and even to the more traditional consoles and handheld devices like the PS Vita.

The series has also come under fire, for possibly spreading itself a bit too thin. Angry Birds Toons has largely been a failure for the franchise. That hasn’t stopped plans for an Angry Birds movie, coming in 2016, or Angry Birds Stella.

Other spinoffs have had a range of success that has kept Rovio’s series going. Angry Birds Star Wars has managed to keep interest in the original physics format while Angry Birds Go was the first that truly ventured away into other gameplay modes.

Angry Birds Epic is the first that has this kind of interesting gameplay.

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