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Angry attack cat to get therapy and veterinary care

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Lux, the attack cat-gone-viral from Portland, Ore. will get the help he needs. On March 11, the Oregonian reported that the attack cat who trapped his family in their bedroom until they called 911 for help will be getting therapy and medical care.

The 22-pound angry cat allegedly trapped its owners in their bedroom on Sunday. While Lee Palmer called 911 for help, the large cat stalked outside the bedroom door. The cat was so loud and disruptive that the 911 operator could hear him on the other end of the line.

Once police arrived at the home, they were able to lure Lux with a snare and remove him from the Northwest Portland apartment. Once the story went viral, many have contacted Lee Palmer and Teresa Barker with requests to adopt the out of control cat.

This won't be happening though, as the family has decided to get Lux the help he needs. Whether the angry cat's issues be physical or mental, they've got it covered. Lux has appointments to see both a veterinarian and an animal psychologist to hammer out any feline issues.

Cat owner Lee Palmer took to his personal Facebook page to defend himself against the cat loving critics. Many have said they don't blame the cat after Palmer admitted to kicking him. Palmer said though that he kicked the cat away from the baby after he scratched the baby. In his defense he said:

The cat is very loved that is why he is still here we had the option to let the animal control take him but decided to give him a chance the cat is territorial and can swat randomly and he swated my son in the face could have gotten him in the eye I'm a very caring hard working father that cares about my son cat dog and girlfriend I did kick him away from my son you would to[sic]

Palmer says the cat is staying, Teresa Barker has had less positive to say about the cat. She has said that it might not be such a good idea to keep the cat now that the baby has arrived. At this point there is no telling if the cat is jealous of the baby or if the baby was messing with the cat.

What do you think? Should Lee Palmer and Teresa Barker keep the angry cat? Do you think therapy will help solved Lux the cat's problems?