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Anglers catch a big one every time they go fishing and other lies

Anglers catch a big one every time they go fishing and other lies
Anglers catch a big one every time they go fishing and other lies

The thing about fishing is that those who love to fish have twisted the lies of fishing just to make it look good to the lazy. So one of the biggest misconceptions about fishing is that only the “lazy” love it and find it appealing, biggest misconception about fishing number one.

Don’t lies eventually lead to the truth

“Once upon a time I was such a good liar I could talk the fish right into my mouth.”

“Falsehood is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object.” Albert Camus, The Fall.

The thing about fishing is up until recently the sport wasn’t put on television much, so for thousands fishermen and women could say all they wanted to and if you never set foot on the water to fish, you never knew the difference. You took the angler in your home and his friends to be truth tellers of-a-sort and some myths have been around forever.

Never fish with someone beneath your own level of evolution

Fish poop! “You are scaring the fish!” Some fish are prized for their taste and others are prized for their fight. The fish that are the hardest to catch are the most prized fish by the angler and the most often lied about. Like the bass and the trout, they are known to be the most finicky and the most tricky intelligent fish. It’s like they have a mind of their own or something. Not because they are most likely to take whatever the bait is and put up the biggest fight to get it. Scientists say the two fish are the furthest from having an intelligent mind.

Sure this river breeds monsters

Anglers on the tournament circuit want you to think they are all best of friends. But if they are such good friends how do you think the fishing lies and stories got started in the first place? Like catching women, catching fish, “The green hornet has caught more fish than you have ever lied about Gustufson!”(Gustufson is Jack Lemon, and the green hornet is Walter Matthuas' fishing rod), a quote from the documentary about ice fishing in Minnesota, I know you know better, “Grumpy Old Men.” Anglers reposition their intentions.

Fishing spots are full of local flavor, and the anglers who fish them know the hot spots, the fish and each other well. It’s those crusty-loving, prank-pulling friendships that make life and fishing worth living.

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